headphone jack without head SMT Pj-381-4p headless earphone jack

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Product Description
Item name: Earphone jack
Model No.: PJ381 earphone jack
Rating: DC 30V 0.5A
Insulation resistance: 100mΩ max 250V DC
Withstand voltage: AC500V(50Hz)min
Contact resistance: 50mΩ max.
Operating temp. range: -30℃~+70℃
Lifetime: 5,000 cycles min
Actuating force: 3-30N
- Function and band selector switches for mobile phone stereo design,CD,wireless phone,MP3,digital notebook computer,DVD,numeral camera,etc.

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Product advantages:

Fast delivery, free samples, products with SGS RoHS test report, cycle life of more than 5000 times,  high temperature resistance of patch,  guaranteed after-sales service, technical support and good service attitude


Application fields:  

Earphone products, instruments and equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, security products, hi-fi equipment, acoustic equipment


Factory strengths:

With 13 years of industry experience, the company has passed ISO9001 certification, a number of patent certificates, more than 5300 cooperative customers, many customers of listed companies, 106 employees, 12 hardware punches, 18 injection molding machines, 26 full-automatic assembly machines, 32 full-automatic testing machines, 21 semi-automatic testing machines, 12 life testing machines and 25 other testing equipment


Our product meet the below requirements and can pass the below tests:

1) temperature rangeuse within -30~70ºc

2) the standard range of atmospheric conditions for making measurements and tests are as follows:

(1) between body and conductor: 5ºc to 35℃

(2) between conductors not to be contact45% to 85%

(3) pressure86kpa to 106kpa

3) connection and disconnection force

measurement shall be made after connecting and disconnecting using standard plug gauge 3 times, the connection and disconnection force 5-15n

4) terminal strength

a static load of 0.1n/m(1kgf/cm)shall be applied to the tip of the terminal for 1 min in any direction .

there shall be no damage to the terminal such as cracks, looseness or play electrical ,and mechanical characteristics shall be satisfied

5) contact resistance

measured at small current 100m a or less1000hz , contact resistance ≤30mω

6) insulation resistance

apply a voltage of 500v dc for 1 min to following portions after which measurement shall be made:

(1) between body and conductor

(2) between conductors not to be contact

(3) between conductors not to be when plug is inserted dc 500v 1 min insulation resistance ≥100mω

7) ratingdc 30v 0.2a

8) dielectric strength :ac 250v ims(50~60hz)for 1 min trip current:0.5ma

(1) between body and conductor

(2) between conductors not to be contacl

(3) between conductors not to be when plug is inserted dc 250v 1 min

9) solderability test

the top of the terminals shall be dipped 1mm in the solder bath of 240±5℃ for 3±0.5 seconds

10) resistance to soldering heat test reflow soldering conditions:

preheat:temperature on the copper foil surface should reach 180℃.120s after the p.c.b

entered into the soldering equipment. tallest temperature:temperature on the copper foil surface should reach the peak temperature of 260±5℃with in 20 seconds.

11) resistance to soldering heat test

soldering iron method:

bit temperature 330±5℃ application

time of soldering iron3±0.5 sec

however excessive pressure shall not be applied to the terminal

13) humidity test

the jack shall be stored at a temperature

of 40±2℃ and a humidity of 90%to 96% for 96 hr, then the jack shall be maintained at standard atmospheric condition for 1 hr for other procedures

14)  heat test

The phone jack shall be stored at a temperature of70±2℃ for 96 hoursand then it shall be subjected to the controlled recovery mbasurbm

15) cold test

the jack shall be stored at a temperature of-25±3℃ for 96 hours and then it shall be subjected to the controlled recovery conditions for 1 hour after which

16)  life test

at rating condition non-inductive load

connection and disconnection shall be made 5000 cycles at a speed 10 to 20 cycles / min

17) cold&heat shock test

the jack shall be subjected to5 cycles of the following conditions showed in the figure,and then shall returned and allowed to remain in room ambient condition for 30 minutes.

There shall be no deformation or cracks in molded part. Insertion&extraction force:3 to 20n

contact resistance:max.30mω

insulation resistance: min.100 mω

dielectric withstanding voltage: 500vac/min(between terminals)

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