Waterproof micro limit switch


Soymilk has always had the effect of beauty. Drink a cup of hot soymilk with a warm winter stomach and heart. Desirable Refiner equipment is a “family tofu workshop”. Famous brand refiner equipment generally, after years of market testing, performance is more perfect and superior. As the emphasis on health gradually strengthened, to clean and sanitary, many families have chosen to make their soymilk,thus pulling the home microcomputer automatic Refiner equipment market.Good refiner equipment needs good equipment parts. Our waterproof micro limit switch plays a crucial role in the refiner equipment. Now let’s understand the working principle of the refiner equipment and the application of our waterproof micro switch in the refiner equipment.

Refiner equipment Working principle
The fully automatic process of preheating, beating, boiling and so on of refiner equipment is controlled by MCU-related feet, driven by the corresponding triode, and then implemented by a relay group composed of multiple relays for circuit conversion.
Add an appropriate amount of warm or cold water and start the “pulping” function after the power is turned on. The electric heat pipe starts heating, and the water temperature reaches the set temperature 25 minutes later. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature in the pre-beater stage, the motor starts to work for the secondary pre-beater. Then the continuous heating reaches the beater temperature, beater/heating stage after touching the anti-overflow electrode. In this stage, the continuous beater and heating completely crush the beans, and the soymilk is initially boiled and boiled. After the soymilk is boiled, it enters the boiling stage, and the heating tube is heated repeatedly at intervals. Make the soymilk fully cooked and fully emulsified.
Refiner equipment uses our company’s waterproof micro switch, the waterproof micro limit switch suitable for refiner equipment and other household appliances. It has long service life and high reliability in refiner equipment. At the same time, fast action, high sensitivity, and small operating stroke. It plays perfectly in the refiner equipment.



Advantages of our microswitch:
1: Global safety certification complete, high life, high reliability
2: affordable, quality comparable to first-line brands
3: The type of wiring terminals is equal, and a variety of configurations are optional
The micro limit switch manufacturer
Shenzhen Shouhan Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-quality micro switches for the automotive industry, household appliances, and white goods. The main products are a basic micro switch, waterproof switch, pneumatic switch, mechanical keyboard switch, door switch and so on. A one-stop system covering product development, precision moulding, injection moulding, precision stamping, automation equipment research and development, assembly and testing will be built.
A professional sales team is on hand to assist and quickly respond to drawing requests, and quotes and access sufficient sample programs to allow engineers.

Post time: Mar-04-2023