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Industry first choice, leading industry

Shouhan brand story

“ If science and technology prospers, the Nation prospers, and if science and technology is strong, the Country is strong ". With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, with the continuous renewal and development of electronic products, the whole society has higher and higher requirements for the quality and service of electronic components.

"Industry first choice, leading industry"!

"Shouhan" independent brand was born in 2016. Its birth process is long, and it also condenses the wisdom and sweat of the whole founding team.

In 2013, under the leadership of the founder of "Shouhan technology", Shenzhen shouhan Technology Co., Ltd. was quietly established under the slogan of "only making products required by customers and creating domestic high-end quality". After three years of honing and innovation, with the sweat and efforts of all shouhan people, the comprehensive service level of "Shouhan" began to lead the forefront of the industry in 2016, made a breakthrough in product categories, driven the rapid growth of the business volume of shouhan technology and constantly climbed to a new commanding height! In 2018, in the face of opportunities and challenges, in order to expand the company's scale, the brand founder carefully planned and established the first foreign trade team, further expanded the company's global market strategic deployment, and took a big step on the way forward!

From 2013 to 2018 is a process of accumulation. With the efforts of all shouhan people, "Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword", and under the expectation of everyone, "Shouhan" independent brand is born. Its birth means that the old era has passed and the new journey has begun. With the hard work of all the team members of "shouhan" technology, in 2017, our company reached long-term cooperative relations with many listed companies, especially PISEN, Alibaba, Taier shares and other listed companies.

By 2018, "Shouhan" brand has a total of hundreds of products and thousands of models, which can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent and provide customers with one-stop purchasing experience of switch sockets with high-quality products and first-class service efficiency.

"Never forget the original intention and forge ahead", "Shouhan" has been adhering to innovative development, doing a good job in product quality and providing high-quality services“ Let the switches and sockets entering into thousands of households and promote the all-round development of the industry "is the development mission of all Shouhan persons!