The 8th anniversary of Shouhan Technology

The 8th anniversary of Shouhan Technology

On May 6, 2022, Shouhan Technology ushered in its eighth anniversary. The employees of Shenzhen sales branch of the company gathered together to celebrate the 8th anniversary.

1) Employee signature as a souvenir

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2) First of all, the company rewarded the employees who have been in the company for one year, three years, five years and 8 years, and the employees said they would continue to make progress with the company.

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3) Have a lunch and hold colorful group building activities.

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Shouhan Technology Shenzhen sales branch has grown from the first two employees in 2014 to the present 20 employees. Its performance has reached a new high every year. At present, it has served nearly 10000 customers. The company will continue to adhere to its mission: let the switches and socketes enter thousands of households and promote the development of the industry.

Post time: May-09-2022