Network interface RJ45

Introduction to network interface RJ45:

RJ45 interface: It belongs to the connector, and the structure is composed of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module). The plug has 8 grooves and 8 contacts. It is a network signal connector used in network equipment.



The difference between RJ45 interface and RJ11 interface:

RJ45 interface is used for network signal, RJ11 is used for telephone signal and fax signal. The former has 8 contacts, the connected network twisted-pair cable has 8 wires, and the latter has 4 pins and 4 contacts. The two are very similar in appearance. The former is larger and the latter is slightly smaller. The most accurate distinction is based on the number of contacts.


RJ45 interface product application:

RJ45 interface, also known as network interface. The scope of application includes internal LAN, external network connection, etc. Common RJ45 interface products include: network server, routing cat, hub, personal PC terminal, printer and other devices. 微信图片_20220804175221

RJ45 interface industry application:

The RJ45 interface is most used in the network equipment manufacturing industry, computer PC manufacturers, network printer equipment manufacturers, and network system installation architecture industries. In the former, the RJ45 interface will be used in the finished product, and some of the former’s finished products will be used in the post-built network environment.

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Complementarity between RJ45 and RJ11 in the era of online e-commerce:

The wide application of RJ45 interface has promoted the development and expansion of online e-commerce, and a large-scale sales channel before e-commerce was telemarketing, that is, telemarketing. In the e-commerce era, information can deliver more accurate, clear and intuitive products through platforms and online communication, making up for the emptiness caused by the latter’s language description.

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