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Stereo Phone Jack Connector DC Jack DIP/SMT
Stereo Phone Jack Connector DC Jack DIP/SMT

Include low power on/off designs, instrumentation, telecommunications, performance audio, computers/servers, networking and more.
1) Computer products
2) Consumer products
3) Communication machines
4) Instrumentation

1. Contact Resistance: ≤ 100mΩ
2. Insulation Resistance: ≥ 100mΩ
3. Withstand Voltage: AC500V(50-60Hz) 1 min
4. Mechanical life: 5000 cycles
5. Operating Temperature Range: -25ºC-85ºC
6. Ambient Humidity Used: ≤ 85% RH
7. Solder Ability: 245± 5ºC, 5± 1S
8. Withstand Soldering Temperature: 260± 5ºC, 5± 1S

Welding Conditions:
1.Hand soldering
Use a soldering iron of 30 watts, controlled at 350ºC approximately 3 seconds while solder applying
2.Wave soldering/Reflow Soldering
The peak temperature of the wave oven should be set to 260ºC max. Condition for soldering Temperature Profile

1. Base: PBT
2. Cover: PBT
3. Insulation: POM
4. Terminal: Phosphor bronze Ag plated
5. Shell: Stainless steel Natural
6. Ring: Brass Ni plated

1. With AC97 and DHA etc. Different design configuration;
2. Terminal is made from eximious bronze material to assure long life;
3. Assembly ways: DIP and SMT
4. Flexibility design for terminal interface to ensure nice contact and prolong the operating life
5. Can design different connect products

General characteristic:
After exposed at temperature of 40 ±2℃, insulation resistance shall not be <30MΩ
At relative humidity of 90% to 95% for 48 hours, insulation resistance shall not be <30MΩ
Dried at room temperature for 30 minutes, insulation resistance shall not be <30MΩ
Connector shall withstand 5,000 cycles of insertions and withdrawal with testing plug contact resistance shall not exceed 0.1Ω
A wide range of A/V connectors are available

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